Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County Inc. has established a Corporate Compliance Program that takes a comprehensive organizational approach. As a not-for-profit service provider licensed by OPWDD, SED, and DOH, we are dedicated to improving the everyday lives of people with developmental disabilities. Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County is committed to complying with rules and regulations of federal, state and local government. Our organization is based upon ethical principles, organizational values, Code of Conduct, laws and regulations. Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We are devoted to carrying out our mission and values while fulfilling our legal duties and creating a culture of ethical behavior.

Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County’s Corporate Compliance program encompasses the eight key elements that have been specified as requirements for compliance programs by the New York State Office of Inspector General (OMIG) and Department Of Health. Effective July of 2009, the Office of Inspector General (OMIG) created a Social Services law that requires that Medicaid providers, as described in Title 18 Part 521.1, to develop and implement effective compliance programs aimed at detecting fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicaid program.


A fundamental component of Corporate Compliance is education and training. The agency provides comprehensive training to all employees and others. Our training program communicates the agency’s mission, values, compliance expectations and mechanism for instances of noncompliance.

The Corporate Compliance program agency’s Ethical Code of Conduct addresses governance, employment practices such as credentialing, business operations and procedures, medical necessity, quality improvement, internal reporting, confidentiality and billing and payments. Furthermore, the agency’s Board of Directors and Administration are vested in the implementation, enforcement and oversight of the agency’s Corporate Compliance Program.


Ensuring Health and Safety and identifying personal outcomes are a key component of our Quality Management Program. Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County, Inc. sets out to create strong, solid, high quality services and supports for the people it serves. In order to meet the challenges of changing environments and regulations, the agency continuously collects and analyzes information relating to services, personal outcomes and other areas that identify trends and patterns that need to be addressed. Through comprehensive program reviews the agency develops strategies for improvement which are specific and measurable. Ongoing program reviews measure our agency’s ability to meet the personal outcomes attained by individuals we supported. Through established regulatory required committees, focus groups and collaborative efforts with the individuals, family members, internal program staff and others, the agency administrators determine which supports work and do not work in order to make changes in systems, address barriers, and brainstorm about opportunities for enhanced supports for the individuals that we serve.