My ten year old son, Garrett, has been receiving educational, therapeutic and advocacy services since birth from CRC.  Shortly after he was born we became aware of his developmental needs.  We immediately contacted CRC and he began receiving services through CRC’s Early Intervention Program.


Being a parent to a special needs child can be difficult at times.  The staff at CRC are wonderful.  They are always there to listen and give me support when I need it.  My son gets lots of therapy such as Physical, Occupational, Speech and Vision services in addition to his education class.

The therapists and teaching staff are wonderful.  I love that I can go into a session and watch what the therapists are working on.  They also show me how to do the positioning so I can carry it over at home.   Garrett has come so far in life because of the wonderful people that work with him.  CRC has become a part of my family. Thank you CRC for all you do.

– Lisa Bonestell, Parent