Education Program hosted a Science Invention Fair


Our Education Program hosted a Science Invention Fair on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. The students of CRC celebrated National Inventor’s Day by creating exhibits that honored existing inventions and creating brand new inventions that would improve our world.

In accordance with New York State’s Common Core learning standards, the classes planned, devised and created a number of inventions including a cup that would not tip over, robots that could read stories, write in journals, play baseball and play games.  Alyse Nappo’s class invented their own toothbrush which would include a toothpaste cartridge. “We invented a new toothbrush because many of our students are working on improving their self help skills and oral hygiene.  February is also National Dental Health Month, so this made our invention meaningful and relevant to our students” stated Mrs. Nappo.

Another class grew seeds into plants using a variety of growing methods.  The class discovered using the polymer stuffing from a baby diaper, combined with dirt created the best growing environment.  They also shared information on horticultural inventors in history.  “The science invention fair was a great opportunity for students to collaborate with one another and show others that despite various disabilities, the students are capable of accessing and succeeding with common core learning standards”  stated teachers Amber Dominowski and Erica Gratzel.  The classes also looked at inventions we use and enjoy everyday including pizza, which they discovered was first created in 1830 in Naples, Italy.  To incorporate Black History Month, there was also a special display dedicated to African American Inventors.