TRAID Program Announces New Equipment Exchange Program

The New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, TRAID Program, is pleased to announce a new Equipment Exchange Program to improve access to devices for Individuals with Disabilities!

TRAID recently partnered with the New England Exchange Program, to create getATstuff,  an Assistive Technology Exchange in New England and New York.   GetATstuff is an electronic matching program that helps connect individuals who need assistive technology devices with persons who are selling or donating devices they no longer need.  This new program will take the place of the former TRAID IN Equipment Exchange Program that  no longer meets the needs of users.  Participation in the getATstuff  will improve the quality and functionality of the equipment exchange system and increase the likelihood of matches.  The site enables users to search for items within a 7 state area, including New York.  As of September 8th, users can log on and create an account to request equipment or list equipment for sale or donation.