Day Habilitation Services

Wraparound Services of the Hudson Valley Day Habilitation Program is an adult program that provides persons with developmental disabilities education and support to explore opportunities in the surrounding community. Our goal is to provide interactions that are consistent with the person’s interests and capabilities.

122_3460Day Habilitation services are provided at our Community Rehabilitation Center for adults aged 21 and over who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability. We strive to provide a program that supports each individual in pursuing their personal valued outcomes through training, support, assistance and relationship building.

We believe all persons can learn and grow. We provide an accessible environment, competent and trained personnel and the opportunity to tailor a program according to each person’s individual strengths and needs. Families and other significant people in the person’s life are encouraged to participate in the team approach.

In our Day Habilitation Program every individual has the opportunity to choose their activities on site and in the community.  All activities are developed and implemented with qualified staff who have been trained in van safety, medication administration, personal care, behavioral strategies, person centered planning, first aid, safe transfers, and adaptive equipment. Our staff strive provide meaningful and productive activities that emphasize personal choice.

Some examples of our current community opportunities are bowling, religious services, local library, sunshine club, meal delivery to the chronically ill, recycling, purchasing pet food, grocery shopping, delivering donations to Goodwill, and feeding animals at a local zoo. In house we provide opportunities in gardening, pet care, artistic expression, spa, movies, bi monthly visits with a therapy dog, team sports, cooking, and reading groups featuring popular novels. We also host a number of special events such as an annual carnival, Thanksgiving luncheon, summer picnic and many holiday celebrations.