Wraparound Community Services

Shared Living Services

Wraparound Community Services (WCS) is an innovative program which provides intensive in-home supports for persons with disabilities and their caretakers. The program offers a community based alternative to residential care without compromising quality or safety for OPWDD eligible individuals. Wraparound Community Services is comprised of three distinct programs:  Family Care Services (FCS)Shared Living Services (SLS) and Supportive Home Services (SHS).

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Through the Family Care Services (FCS) program, individuals with disabilities are matched with caring, supportive families to provide them with residential housing in certified private homes.

From the matching process, to the provision of services and planning, to day habilitation, vocational, employment and recreational services, the FCS team will deliver high-quality support ensured to create a strong, positive relationship between the individual participating in the program and the family.

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SLS-150x150Shared Living Services (SLS)
provides an innovative option to residential care. Persons with disabilities will live in apartments, condominiums, and houses on their own or with a person who they have chosen to provide caregiver services.

Through this program, the person with disabilities is fully in control of the residential space. While an individual’s caregiver may change, the person with disabilities will remain in their home with SLS coordinated supports. If a caregiver is selected, the SLS team will utilize a comprehensive screening and training process to ensure that the match is a good fit for both the individual and the caretaker.

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SHS-150x150The Supportive Home Services (SHS) program is designed to provide the routine and emergency supports necessary to prevent the need for an out of home placement.

The SHS team will work closely with individuals in the program to address specific needs and ultimately create a stable and safe environment. Through in-home and community based services, the SHS program offers a well-coordinated spectrum of services designed to ensure wellness.

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How to Enroll

The Wraparound Community Services team is available to discuss individual options and to address any questions.  Please contact Kelly Creswick at Wraparound Community Services by e-mail at kcreswick@cpulster.org or by phone at 845.336.7235 ext. 2122