Application Completion

As applications are the initial step in obtaining employment, it is essential for individuals to experience the expectations for completing each section and what type of information potential employers are seeking. Throughout this workshop, employment specialists assess each individual’s ability to write and correctly respond to questions asked to determine the level of support needed in the application completion process. This includes determining the individual’s ability to understand each question asked, appropriately answer, write a response, and the steps involved for submission. This assessment will indicate strengths and weaknesses in the areas of handwriting, speech/language, technology usage, and public relations skills.


Our supported employment program offers participants private work spaces to ensure confidentiality is maintained during the application completion process. To allow for accessibility, computer workstations are adapted to accommodate limited fine motor skills and iPads/Smartboards are available to participants who would prefer to use touch screen technology as their medium for application completion.

Additional resources available to workshop attendees include internet access, adaptive software applications such as Dragon Speech, Ipads, Smartboard technology, telephones, fax machines, and copiers. This process teaches participants the essential skills necessary to initiate job seeking and to utilize the technological resources that often associated with positions they are attempting to secure.