Assistive Technology

Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County offers a wealth of Assistive Technology services to assist people with accomplishing everyday tasks and promote independence. Assistive Technology can make functional skills possible, especially for people with physical, visual, cognitive, hearing and/or other needs. Assistive Technology applications range from “high tech” augmentative communication devices and computers to “low tech” devices such as weighted pencils, angled spoons and switch toys.


Evaluations and recommendations regarding Assistive Technology:

Through an evaluation process, various types of equipment and/or devices are recommended by the professional staff and then trialed by the individual. The ultimate goal of using Assistive Technology is to increase, maintain or improve each individual’s ability to participate in activities of daily living and improve his/her quality of life.

Assistive Technology devices such as switches to activate toys and computers or iPads with specific applications can allow students to have increased access to their classroom environments and experience increased participation and interaction with their peers, teachers, and therapists. Assistive Technology devices such as adapted computer keyboards can allow adults to experience increased success in their workplace environments.

Evaluations are available in the following areas:
  • Augmentative / alternative communication to increase communicative ability and function
  • Assisted listening devices to amplify and address sensory, conductive, and / or attention and auditory processing impairments
  • Computer technology and adaptations
  • Environmental control and modification

Referrals are accepted from individuals and family members, therapists, physicians, school districts and other service providers.