Behavior Management

One of the essential program components to ensure that consumers succeed is a well-coordinated process of strategies of engagement and intervention employed by the staff at every level of program services. Working as a team, our staff is dedicated to addressing emerging behavioral challenges before a crisis occurs.


The program offers a culture that is consistent, predictable, and reliable creating a feeling of calm and safety for the consumer. We will employ a myriad of innovative behavioral management techniques that utilize staff at every level of program to create and reinforce this culture. Staff is required to “move to” problems whenever they observe a consumer in need. Far too often, staff who are the most experienced are removed from day-to-day contact with the students placed in the program due the promotion or other management assignments.

The Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County CRP program will require that experienced staff offices are placed in close proximity to the consumers ensuring that there is support beyond the front line workforce that can be utilized to assist students in remaining in the program. Through this process the front line DSPs also witness experience staff role modeling effective interventions that they can use when working with the consumer.

Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence [ABC) behavior management will be employed by our staff at all levels in both the school and the residence. This three step process breaks down the management of behaviors into three key concepts:

  • Antecedent – what happens before the behavior?
  • Behavior – what you see and hear.
  • Consequence – actions that reinforce will reduce behavior.