Individualized Education Planning

Cerebral Palsy of Ulster County is unique as its educational philosophy is all inclusive. Educational planning is individualized to meet each child’s unique learning needs. Classroom environments are designed to promote independence and participation in the learning process. Our interdisciplinary team approach allows for all philosophies of thought to combine in an effort to allow children of all ability levels to access educational opportunities at their level of cognition.










Individual education plans (IEP)s are developed as determined by the Committee for Special Education (CSE) and implemented by classroom teams to ensure that students have the supports necessary to learn. This plan details the accommodations required for the student to acquire skill sets they are currently struggling to master and serves as a guide for classroom teachers in regards to differentiation of curriculum.

Each IEP includes the following information:
  • Medical alerts
  • Committee notes / recommendations
  • Present levels of performance
  • Strengths, preferences
  • Related service provisions
  • Annual goals and benchmarks
  • Supplemental aids / services
  • Assistive technology needs
  • Supports for school personnel on behalf of the student
  • Extended school year programs
  • Participation in assessments
  • Transportation