Job Coaching

Job coaching is a service offered through both Supported Employment and the ACCES-VR program and is available both on the job and off-site.  The goal of the program is to have participants actively work with job coaches for monitoring of productivity and skill growth enhancement.










Through structured intervention techniques, constant assessment of skill sets and one-on-one training, job coaches develop a support system for each program participant that is individualized to accommodate their needs and promote independence as an employee.

Job coaches assist participants in many areas including:
  • Job expectations and essential responsibilities
  • Understanding benefits (vacation time, sick leave, employee programs, etc.)
  • Effective communication both verbally and in writing
  • Strategies to increase productivity
  • Team work and conflict resolution
  • Creating natural supports to increase independence

The job coach’s level of support will decrease as the employee become comfortable with the expectations of their position. Once, skill mastery is obtained, the job coach’s responsibility shifts to become one of support when necessary. Consistent contact is maintained with the employer, however, visits are minimized and scheduled to accommodate needs as they arise.