Supportive Home Services

Individualized Support

Individuals within the Supportive Home Services program will partner with the SHS team to accomplish personalized goals. The individual and their circle of support will develop these goals collaboratively.  The ISP will be carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure that individuals in the program and their caregivers will have the supports needed to live a positive, productive life.  Intensive services will be provided through a core team of dedicated professionals and community supports.  Care, recreation and respite services will be provided to reduce stress and prevent crisis. The team will also provide training to individuals in the program and caretakers.

Services Provided:

In-home Direct Support Professional (DSP) support

Medical service coordination

Assistance with daily living tasks

24-hour crisis intervention

Medication management support

Coordination of medical services by a registered nurse

On-site medical consultation and training

Coordination of community-linked services

Coordination of day habilitation, vocational and employment services

Evening and weekend recreation

Caretaker mediation

Transportation assistance

Adaptive equipment loan services and repair

Individual and group therapy

Am I Eligible?

Individuals who are eligible for Supportive Home Services include:

OPWDD eligible persons (living alone or with caregivers)

OPWDD eligible individuals, currently residing in a certified setting, hospital or nursing home, who wish to live in a community setting

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