Vocational Training

Our Agency has years of experience in the development of job related skills to assist our population of individuals in accessing employment opportunities. Vocational training is individualized and focuses upon the development of skills to get and keep a job.  Programming is designed to teach the prerequisite skills needed to meet the expectations of a typical work environment. These include social skills training in the areas of appropriate conduct, dress, communication, problem solving, acceptance of guidance/supervision. This is accomplished through a series of educational experiences that are integrated into daily programming.


The education department houses a vocational room for students to utilize during their school day. This room houses a variety of activities that range from per-vocational (put-in, pull out, matching sorting, assembly, filing, etc.) to the more advanced skills of job preparation and scenario based role play.  Vocational goals are developed that are tailored to each student’s individual interests and ability levels.

As part of the transition planning process, teachers work towards accomplishing these goals through use of task oriented activities, internet based skill training, and workshops available on-site for students to access. Workshops include application completion, interview coaching, interacting at work, resume building, internet navigation and technology usage.