Work Environment Assessment

A healthy work environment is imperative to ensure safety, productivity, employee satisfaction and job retention. When employees have open lines of communication with their co-workers and supervisors, it allows for relationships to be built.










Employment specialists will facilitate communications to ensure that employer expectations are clear, employee accommodations remain appropriate and effective in improving productivity, and that the physical environment is adapted to allow the employee to complete job responsibilities.

Work Environment Assessment components:
  • Physical environment adaptations
  • Accommodations to work equipment
  • Assistive technology
  • Communication with management
  • Collaboration with co-workers
  • Health / safety concerns
  • Natural support systems
  • Employee participation

This assessment is completed at the time of employment and periodically to ensure that the job remains an appropriate match and that the accommodations continue to assist the employee in meeting the essential responsibilities of their position. It assists the employment specialist in understanding the setting employees work in, the physical factors that impact productivity and job performance, and the accommodations can ensure job retention.